About Missionary Ventures Canada

Who we are

Missionary Ventures Canada (MVC) is a Christian interdenominational organization that works with individuals and churches to bring the love and message of Christ to a hurting world.  Not only do we provide opportunities for people to become actively involved in serving in projects overseas, we also implement and direct international projects through churches involving education, feeding programs, agricultural initiatives, water filtration projects, skills development and medical clinic, which address many social justice concerns in many countries.  Your personal involvement and support can not only be a source of inspiration to those who live in difficult and dire situations, but also helps to bring the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.

The foundation of Missionary Ventures Canada is based on Great Commandments – “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength – AND – Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Love is at the core of who we are and what we are called to be – People of LOVE.

The purpose of Missionary Ventures Canada is to develop sustainable projects and initiatives, which change the lives of people so that we all may become what God has created us to be.

Missionary Ventures Canada’s overall goal is to identify, equip and empower national Christian leaders to become self-sustaining and communities to be impacted. We encourage Canadians to become personally involved in projects overseas and to implement and direct projects that change lives, families, communities and nations. This can only be accomplished through culturally sensitive practices and with the utmost respect for those whom we serve.

In terms of management, Missionary Ventures Canada’s philosophy is local responsibility, but always with outside accountability. This principle always recognizes that project management is best facilitated by the individual closest to the program or ministry.

Our world is hurting and broken and we are all called to be active participants in Reaching, Rebuilding and Restoring this broken world. We want to be a voice for the poor, by developing and overseeing projects and programs that effectively serve the needs of the poor, marginalized and forgotten.

The Word became flesh and blood,and moved into the neighborhood. John 1:14 (The Message)

Opportunities for involvement

Opportunities may involve any one or more of the following components

  • Construction of homes for single mothers
  • Construction of clinics, churches and other facilities that are utilized to serve the poor
  • Provide resources and oversee Kid’s clubs and feeding programs
  • Development projects involving water, agriculture, nutrition and education
  • Skill training involving computer teaching, sports, sewing, and other areas
  • Educational support, teaching and resources
  • Development of community centres and rescue centres for those at risk
  • Rescue and rehabilitation of those marginalized by addiction or other societal factors
  • Health support through medical/dental/nutrition efforts for the vulnerable and marginalized
  • Ministry and evangelism related activities involving children, youth or adults