Engage (6-16 months)


Opportunities in Kampala, Uganda

There are opportunities for individuals who are interested in volunteering for 6 months or longer in Kampala Uganda.
The intern would support the ministry of The Three Stones, a preventative health education ministry, which teaches local communities about the necessity of adapting hygiene and nutritional practices in fighting sickness and disease.

Simple practices, such as washing your hands after using the washroom or before eating a meal are not commonplace in Kampala. The introduction of a ‘tippy tap’ a small compact facet can go a long way to save lives.

This opportunity is perfect for those individuals with a medical or health related background or interest who would like to teach preventative health education, rather than treat patients.

This is also an opportunity for those who are interested in event planning and/or fundraising and would like to be in charge of holding events in Canada, after travelling to Uganda to develop an understanding of the unique needs there.

Contact our office at 519-824-9380 to find out more information if this experience is right for you!


Teaching Opportunities in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Christian Academy is looking for qualified and trained teachers to teach in a Christian school setting for a minimum commitment of one year. This is a wonderful opportunities for teachers to use their gifts and talents to reach impoverished third world students. The Christian Academy provides a strong academic program with a focus on Christian values and helping students develop a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. In a country where educational standards are non-exsistent or undervalued, private Christian schools provide an opportunity for students to receive a quality education as well as understand God’s will for their lives.  There are a variety of positions available including teaching English, vocational skills, primary grades or physical education.

NCA International is currently seeking interested individuals to fill the following positions for the 2015-2016 school year (orientation begins July 27, 2015; crash course begins July 22, 2015):

  1. Preschool TeacherThe preschool classroom teacher is responsible for teaching and directing all core activities, including circle time, Bible, English, centers and closing activities (Mon-Fri 7:30-12:30).
  2. Elementary Teacher
    Self-contained classroom (specials teachers for Spanish, P.E., Art, Music, Computers)
  3. HS Physics/Math Teacher
    Physics w/ Lab (x2), Geometry (x2), elective or Bible class
  4. HS English/Social Studies Teacher
    Specific class assignments yet to be determined
  5. Volunteer Teacher Assistant
    Assist teachers, provide classroom support, substitute teacher (volunteer for 1 semester or 1 year)

For more information on the Nigaragua Christian Academy or to apply please visit their website here!


Training Opportunities in Swaziland

We have three opportunities to serve in Swaziland for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months each. These opportunities involve sharing your skills and abilities to help train and mentor local Swazis as they strive to improve their situations. Currently, we are looking for the following specialists:

– Woodwork/Masonry Specialist
The goal is to help teach and train people how to work with their hands. Wood work tools are expensive in Swaziland so this person must be able to think outside the box. This person could help a South African missionary in starting up a Skills Development Centre and work from our base in Swaziland.

– Wedding Planner/Events Trainer
On the African continent, weddings and funerals are huge occasions. There are several Swazi women who would like to be trained in Wedding Planning as well as in making funeral arrangements. The goal is to train a few women who could then use their learning as a means of creating a self-sustaining business.

– Beekeeping
Someone trained in the area of beekeeping could help teach Swazi Pastors to become self-sustaining through honey cultivation. This small business practice would help Pastors be able to afford education for their children along with other necessities.

If you would like more information about either of our ENGAGE programs please contact our office at 519-824-9380 we would love to help you as you consider if this opportunity is right for you!


Teaching opportunities in Guatemala

Opportunities to teach the hospital staff or hospital doctor’s children in their homes or at the hospital in Nebaj, Guatemala.
The hospital is expanding from a clinic to a full service hospital with a Christian basis. Currently there are only 3 doctors, but with the number of patients increasing and the needs growing there is a definite need for more doctors.

Some of these doctors work long hours to serve their patients because they have a heart for serving on behalf of the Lord. Helping them with their children’s education would allow them to serve more fully at the hospital.

Opportunities available for 2-12 months and living accommodations are flexible and can be made to suit the volunteer’s needs. Contact our office if you have a passion for children and an interest in education! 519-824-9380