• Please give a Gifts Of Life through Missionary Ventures Canada. (All gifts are eligible for charitable donation receipts) 
  • You can give a gift in honour of a loved one to help change the life of a child, a community, a church etc.
  • Gifts of Life are now available all year round and are suitable for all special occasions – not just Christmas, but Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, or maybe just because you are thinking of someone.
  • Our most popular Gifts Of Life are for children and are piglets, goats and chickens, as they can easily relate to these gifts and what they do !

If you want to donate this as a gift in someone’s name:

  • We will contact you by Email when you donate a Gift Of Life for instructions of what to put on the card. We will then send out the card by mail.
  • We can email you the card if you wish.
  • You can also download the card and print yourself ( Card is 4 X 6 ) 

Instructions: right click on photo and then Save Image As as or Email Image

Select a Gift Of Life from below

Seeds for garden projects

Seeds will provide the ability for nationals to grow their own vegetables and provide a pathway for sustainability. On check out select a seed for garden program in either: Caribbean Guatemala Swaziland [give_form...

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Chicken and Hens

Chicken and hens can be raised in just about any country in the world in which Missionary Ventures Canada works. At the moment we only donate chickens to the Caribbean or Zambia. These provide a source of nutrition to families and also the ability to take and sell the...

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A Goat

A milk goat in Guatemala provides 2 litres of milk for a family a day. A goat is a vital resource for providing nutrition for families. These goats will be a  benefit to  new nutritional program that is being started at the medical clinic in Nebaj, Guatemala. Goats...

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Iquitos, Peru – Children’s Home – Hogar Genesis

Iquitos is the world’s largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. Coming by air and river are the only means of entry into this metropolis situated on the edge of the Amazon jungle. As you take a tour of the city, you will come across shantytowns like...

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A Piglet – Caribbean

Purchase a piglet for a family to raise in the Caribbean or help with a pair of pigs for breeding, not only will it benefit a family but also a church community. Pigs are easy to raise and grow quickly. And one sow can produce a litter of piglets each year to sell at...

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Meals for Children

Sponsor a child to attend a feeding program. For less than a $1.00 a day you can ensure that a child receives two nutritious meals a day in order to grow, develop and learn well. Select a feeding program on check out in either: Caribbean Peru ( Shawi Village )...

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School Supplies

Give the gift of education to one child in need by providing them with the supplies that they need to attend school, such as pencils, crayons and notebooks. By empowering a student to succeed at school, you are giving them the most valuable resources for overcoming...

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Clean Water Project – Nicaragua

Dangerous sediments found in water supplies can cause many people to become sick or develop deformities. Many communities exist in extreme poverty or in remote locations which are difficult to access or reach. There are various solutions to the problem of unclean...

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Sewing Materials

Sewing machines provide women with the opportunity to earn a living for themselves through skilled labour. However, without valuable sewing supplies, women are unable to continue the work they are doing. For $25.00 you can purchase a sewing kit to go to Caribbean...

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Sponsor a Kids Club – Caribbean

Missionary Ventures Canada has been involved in Children’s ministry in cooperation with many churches for over 12 years! The programs attract anywhere from 50 to 300 children from the community, many of whom have never heard the Good News before! These clubs have...

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Animal Feed

The raising of a goat, chicken or a pig is costly and all these animals need to eat as well. In order to help with the burdens of paying, you may select to give a gift of animal feed to help families raising livestock.   On check out select a animal feed program...

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Bicycles for pastors & missionaries

A bicycle allows pastors and missionaries to reach their congregations more regularly and to spread the Good News of the Gospel easily. Since many individuals could never even dream of owning a car, a bicycle is a very valuable item! These bicycles will specifically...

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National Pastor – Missionary support

The church in around the world is growing, in areas of the Caribbean, Africa and South America, with many new Christians coming to faith! National Ministry partners who work to spread the news of the Gospel and to disciple new Christians often do not make enough to...

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Bricks – Cement Blocks

Many countries have men and women who are willing to work hard in construction efforts, however lack the financial resources to begin these efforts. Bricks are the first step to providing these communities with what they need. Gifts received will assist in supporting...

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Medical and Nutritional Training – Guatemala

Provide a month of care for a malnourished child at the Nutritional Recuperation Center, which includes the child's food, lab tests, medical attention, supplements and training. On check out. You can also choose the name of person giving the card and who it is for...

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